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Top Ten reasons to consider a career in logistics.

The Logistics industry is growing and here’s why you should join us.

The field of logistics is growing rapidly. Every company uses logistics whether it’s food distribution, retail or government. Additionally, college students are starting to show more interest in a career in logistics due to demand.  There is literally nothing that logistics isn’t a part of. From shipping and distribution to warehousing and fulfillment, logistics is more than just trucking. 

Considering the roller coaster of economics over the past two years, careers in logistics have seen growth. There is a place for all skill levels in logistics such as warehouse work to supply chain management. Furthermore, there is no shortage of work and there are ample opportunities for advancement.

Logistics is a growing business sector.

E-commerce has seen significant growth in recent years, with logistics increasing alongside. The demand for goods in all areas of business means a higher demand to move product. Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Labor shows jobs in logistics have increased by 22.5 percent from 2010 to 2020.

Jobs are available for all levels of education.

If you aren’t afraid to start at the bottom and work your way up, logistics can be a rewarding career path. Whether you’re a warehouse worker or a forklift driver, you’re still considered an essential part of the team. Truck drivers play an important role and sometimes you may find a company willing to let you work while attending school and training. Mid-level and experienced managers play a large role alongside sales teams to ensure the best runs for the drivers. 

Logistics can be a stepping stone for international business.

If you know a second language, then a career in logistics is ideal. By joining this industry, you will find many opportunities or travel. Most logistics companies have drivers that speak another language so being able to communicate and help where needed is rewarding. 

Work with new technology.

Owners and managers are constantly on the lookout for streamline with process of getting goods from point A to point B. Alongside tracking shipments, keeping all paperwork in order, managers are already investing automation. Being part of a team that allows you to enhance your skills makes you more valuable. 

Fulfilling Work.

Knowing your part of a team that helps each other and allows businesses to thrive can be very rewarding. Being a dependable team player, gives you the freedom of job security. Making sure that product is in the right place at the right time is just as important as making sure carriers get paid. Undoubtedly there is no part of the logistics team that isn’t important. Furthermore, jobs in logistics are designed for critical thinkers who thrive on problem solving. 

You’re not tied to one place.

If you’re not one to sit at a desk all day long, logistics will certainly keep you moving. You could find yourself in your office one day, to assisting the warehouse to traveling to conferences. If your company has multiple distribution centers, you could even find yourself visiting each location on a daily basis. 

Opportunities for advancement.

Because there are so many moving parts to the logistics sector, there are no shortage of areas to work within a company. There are plenty of companies that are encouraged to promote from within. Furthermore, this strategy is proven since team members are familiar with the team and day-today operations. Work hard, show up and standing out from the crowd will put you on a path to advancement.  

Rarely boring.

With such a variety of roles and responsibilities associated with a logistics and transportation company, there is little room for boredom. Since there is a fair amount of crossover with roles, finding yourself ties to only one role is rare. Furthermore, no two days are the same in the logistics industry. Some companies handle a wide variety of product which brings out the dynamic nature of day-to-day activates. 

Comradery is high.

People with careers in logistics aren’t shy to brag about their team. There is a strong comradery and team members will often talk about the relationships they have built. In addition, logistics teams need to communicate on a daily basis and work together to solve problems. These collogues will build friendships that will last a lifetime. 


This industry can be demanding, take a lot of brain power and by physically challenging. Yet, this is why some people love it. Having your position be ever changing and evolving, it’s no surprise that teams are built with seasoned experts that work hard. You can start to expect more from yourself and be rewarded with a sense of pride and accomplishment. 

At ITF Group, we are all of these things. We expect you to work hard but to also have fun. No idea goes unheard and there are no wrong questions. We encourage all of our teammates to be critical thinkers and problems solvers. Lastly, we value their hard work no matter the position.