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Inc 5000

Making the Inc. 5000 List Two Years in a Row

For the second year in a row, ITF Group has cemented its place on the prestigious Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies, demonstrating exceptional growth, innovation, and commitment to excellence in managed logistics. This achievement is a testament to our dedication to optimizing supply chains and redefining industry benchmarks.

Climbing the Ranks: A Remarkable Achievement

One of the most compelling aspects of ITF Group’s journey is our steady rise on the Inc. 5000 List. In 2022, ITF Group secured an impressive spot at 1,307, a testament to our rapid expansion and strategic prowess. Fast forward to 2023, and ITF Group has not only maintained our growth trajectory but also ascended our ranking of 1,266. This leap signifies our commitment to progression, propelling us forward on the path to becoming a true industry powerhouse.

As experts in the field of managed logistics, ITF Group recognizes the significance of industry ranking. In 2022, ITF Group claimed a position at 52 in the industry, a testament to our exceptional service quality and innovative solutions. Furthermore, building on this foundation, ITF Group has managed to surpass our own achievements by securing the 46th position in 2023. This impressive jump underscores our continued efforts to redefine industry standards and lead by example in an ever-competitive market.