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ITF Group Refrigerated Trailers

New Refrigerated Trailers Join ITF Group’s Fleet

ITF Group Expands Its Fleet by Adding Refrigerated Trailers

We’re thrilled to announce the recent expansion of ITF Group’s fleet, with the addition of 11 state-of-the-art Thermo-King refrigerated trailers. The ability to maintain precise temperature control throughout the entire journey ensures the integrity of sensitive cargo, such as pharmaceuticals, fresh produce, and other temperature-sensitive goods.

Our new refrigerated trailers enable us to diversify our cargo offerings, catering to a broader range of industries. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, or high-value items that require a controlled environment, ITF Group is now better equipped to meet the unique demands of our diverse clients.

Furthermore, investing in reefer trailers plays an important role in safeguarding the quality and shelf life of your freight. The controlled environment minimizes the risk of spoilage, ensuring that our clients receive their products in optimal condition, promoting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Additionally, as compliance tightens, our new fleet of refrigerated trailers ensures that we meet and exceed regulatory standards. From FDA guidelines to international shipping regulations, ITF Group is committed to quality assurance, giving our clients peace of mind in every shipment.

As the demand for temperature-sensitive goods continues to rise, our reefer trailers position ITF Group as a preferred logistics partner for these sectors. The ability to transport a wide range of goods opens up new routes and markets for ITF Group. From coast to coast, our fleet of reefer trailers is set to redefine the logistics landscape.

With sustainability being a key driver of consumer choices, our investment in reefer trailers aligns with our commitment to corporate responsibility. By ensuring the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargo, we contribute to reducing food waste and minimizing the environmental impact of logistics operations.

At ITF Group we continue to invest in the success of our clients and the future of our company. The benefits of reefer trailers extend far beyond the cold confines of their cargo space – they represent a commitment to excellence, reliability, and innovation in the ever-evolving world of logistics.