ITF drivers on the road are facing the front lines of the Coronavirus outbreak.

ITF drivers on the road are facing the front lines of the Coronavirus outbreak.

On March 23rd, 2020, the city of St Charles County issued a stay-at-home order due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. A scary and uncertain time, such measures are put in place by the local government to help stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus. 

Founded in 2012, ITF LLC Group, a freight transportation company based out of St. Charles, MO, we are deemed an essential business during the coronavirus outbreak. Essential businesses are still allowed to run during the county shutdown. At ITF LLC Group, we are a fast growing company and in order to protect the safety of our drivers and other motorists on the road, our employees are also venturing into our office every day to support our drivers and to assist in bringing the goods and supplies that everyone needs to keep the economy running. They understand this sacrifice and are happy to make it in our country’s time of need. 

Without trucks driving, the market can shut down and we are doing our part in preventing that from happening. We are thankful and blessed that we can offer our services and help keep grocery stores, markets, and shopping areas stocked as well as help move medical supplies and relief items to those who are sick. 

ITF drivers, as well as all the other drivers on the road are facing the front lines of the Coronavirus outbreak. As employees, we are doing our part to support our drivers in their plight to help keep the United States efficiently running and stocked. 

Our employees ensure the safety of our drivers, dispatchers solve issues for the time-sensitive freight we carry, and human resources keeps our employees safe and healthy. We have diligently been using the best sanitary techniques to keep our office a clean virus-free workplace. Also, employees are instructed daily of proper handwashing techniques and told to stay home if they develop any signs or symptoms of illness. 

It may seem like a scary thing, to come into an office every day when most other people are staying at home, but our employees understand that they are needed to help support our drivers on the frontlines. Drivers cannot drive a truck from their home, they are on the road and overseeing loading and offloading at customer facilities and traveling from one state to another. We continue to work to bring supplies to the American public.

Getting sick is a scary thing, but we are dedicated to keeping our valuable drivers and employees safe during this hard time. At ITF LLC Group we are doing our part to keep America running during this difficult time.