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How Cooking in Your Truck Can Help Your Waistline and Your Wallet.

We all know how easy it is to grab something quick, easy and prepared for you. But is that food really good for you? We understand that cooking while on the road may not always fit your tight schedule. Constantly eating out may be convenient, but has drawbacks. Cost of each meal ads up keeping less money in your pocket and poor eating habits could cut your career short. 

Learning how to to make food while on the road has many benefits and it worth the effort. Having control of what you put in your body can have a positive impact on your life and health. No one is suggesting that this be a lifestyle change that a trucker should adapt to seven days a week, but even a few days a week can start to have an impact. 

Having the right tools to start will certainly make things easier. Here are a few of our favorite kitchen items to keep in your truck. 

Small Appliances

Mini -Fridge

Having a mini-fridge in your truck is the first step to make cooking in a truck easier. Great for storing drinks, but to store ingredients and a few meal options to keep you going on the long haul. At ITF Group each truck we provide to our drivers is equipped with a mini-fridge. 


A crockpot is an excellent way to cook on the road! You can simply set it and forget it allowing the appliance to do all the work for you while you’re driving! There are so many options when it comes to crockpot cooking. From a roast with vegetables, barbeque pulled pork, soups, ribs and fajitas the options are endless. There are even some models that will plug directly into your DC outlet if you’re finding yourself without a power inverter! 


If you’re in the need for something a little crispier, then an air fryer will become your new best friend. Within the last few years air-fryers have really transformed how to cook an easy meal withing minutes. This is a great option if you’re hungry on the go. Most meals take less than 10-20 minutes to cook. From pork chops to chicken wings you don’t need many ingredients to get a good meal going in an air fryer. 

Portable Stove

Portable stoves, or lunchbox stoves like the ones used for camping are a great way to make a meal in a truck. Great for those one-pot pasta dishes, they also make heating up leftovers a breeze if you don’t have a microwave. Plus, with their portability, you can easily take them outside at a rest-stop and enjoy cooking outside in nature with a nice breeze at your back. 


Lastly, our favorite small appliance to keep handy in your truck would be a blender. Small or large, these handy appliances are great ways to make smoothies, protein shakes and even vegetable purees to pour over those air-fryer pork chops you made earlier. 

Items to make using these small appliances easier.  

Anti-bacterial Wipes. Not only are they a staple in today’s world when it comes to keeping your truck sanitary and clean, but they make clean-up a breeze. 

Paper towels. These are great for wiping out the inside of your air-fryer and simple clean ups around the truck where you might not always be able to rise out a dish. 
Tin-foil. Tin-foil is an easy way to line a pan or even make foil packs to cook food in. Clean-up is a breeze with tin-foil. 

Cutting board. Having a dedicated space where you can prepare food will not only help you keep your truck clean; it will also give you a sense of being in the kitchen. 

In conclusion, with the advancement of small appliances, there is no reason to not try cooking in your truck on the road. You will have plenty of great meal options on the road with the appliances listed above. You can create meals in advance to get the most out of your space. Having at least 3-4 homecooked meals a week can boost morale, save money and promote a healthier lifestyle.