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Choosing the Right 3PL in 2022

Why is choosing the right 3PL in 2022 so important?

It’s no surprise that 2020 had a major impact on the e-commerce business. This change forced shippers to find cost effective solutions for their products. Decreasing supply with an increase in demand, forced higher shipping costs across the country. This was particularly the case when it came to dry paper goods such as toilet paper. Consequently, with some restrictions still in place, consumers will continue to stock these good via online purchases. Furthermore, these are reasons that choosing the right 3PL in 2022 is paramount to continued business growth.

Additionally, other factors have raised the cost for shippers over the past year as well. There is a nationwide driver shortage. Fewer drivers on the road means tighter capacity times. While wages for drivers have increased, this cost is usually passed directly to the shipper. This along with rising insurance premiums and fuel prices, freight costs can determine if a business will keep it’s doors open or not.

Despite these factors, choosing the right 3PL based off your needs is equally important. Whether you’re in need of full truckload or less-than-truckload freight can impact your business model. Choosing a shipper that offers multimodal options can give your business the flexibility it requires. Equally important, choosing a 3PL that is investing in technology allowing you to track your shipments can significantly improve response times and save money. 

Despite the advancement in technology, it’s still important to make sure your 3PL is personable and willing to learn your business in order to identify problem areas. Other than investing in technology, ITF Group structures its core values on the personal aspect that can save your company thousands in freight annually. 

What are some benefits of finding the right 3PL for your freight solutions? 


Just like being able to track an e-commerce purchase to your door, 3PL’s are now investing in Tracking Management Software that will give you real time location tracking for your freight. Investing in automation saves time as well.

ITF Group uses Ditat to manage shipments delivery times. GPS tracking along with the handling of important documents such as invoicing and BOLs is all handled with Ditat

Single Source of Truth

3PLs that offer multimodal services such as ITF Group, extend their experience directly to your business. Specifically, full truckload, less-than-truckload or expedited services, ITF can tailor these needs specifically to your business model. 


When it comes to moving your freight, experience is important. Third-Party logistics companies have seen most things on the road that the average person has not. From rapid changing weather, broken down trucks and even pandemics, 3PLs have the experience to know when to avoid potentially disastrous situations. 


When it comes to finding who will ship your freight across the country, choosing a 3PL with negotiating power is a tremendous factor. They can source the carrier, do the proper vetting for drivers and find the best possible price. This allows you to stay on track focusing on your business. 

In conclusion, ITF Group offers a wide range of options for your business. We are making improvements in technology, investing in automation and developing new business models that will see improvements in not only B2B markets, but branching out direct to consumer markets as well. Stay tuned to ITF Group to see how we can help you focus on what’s next for your business.